Peranan Keluarga Dalam Pendidikan Anak


  • Uswatun Hasanah IAIN Metro
  • Abeliza Galuh Tegar Ayu Ardana IAIN Metro
  • Anis Alexsa Institut Agama Islam Negeri Metro Lampung
  • Avica Feby Rahmawati IAIN Metro



Education, Children, Islam, Family


Family is primary socialization media. It means through family environment, children know the around world and the patterns of social life prevailing daily. The formation of character and personality of the child is influenced strongly by how are the manner and shades of parents to provide education and guidance for their children. The family will give colour a child’s, good behavior, manners and customs in everyday. It is a place also where a child get forging for the first time that determine his life good or bad after gathering in the community. So that the family is one of the important element to specify good or bad a community.



How to Cite

Uswatun Hasanah, Abeliza Galuh Tegar Ayu Ardana, Anis Alexsa, & Avica Feby Rahmawati. (2022). Peranan Keluarga Dalam Pendidikan Anak. STIMULUS: Jurnal Pendidikan Anak Usia Dini, 2(1), 26-43.




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