Journal History

From January 2023 Jurnal Ruang Kata: Journal of Language and Literature Studies We are excited to announce is moving to a “publish-as-you-go” scheme. This means that we no longer wait to accumulate several articles into an issue before publication. Rather, articles are continuously added to current issues as they are accepted and complete the production process. As an online publication, we are free of the constraints imposed by print publishing, and publishing articles on the go will reduce publication lag for our authors, and make the newest research available to our readers more quickly. After completing the review process, an article is assigned a DOI and published online in the current issue. When the issue period ends, a new issue is activated and articles with DOI are added until the end of the issue period. So accepted articles are published without waiting for the issue period.

Start of issue Vol. 4 No. 01 (2024): WORD SPACE: Journal of Language and Literature Studies uses a new article template.